The Do’s & Do not’s of Shaving Balls

I figured I would throw together a quick article for a few of the Do’s & Do not’s of shaving balls. There are many different things you should do and a ton of things you should not do. How do I know? Well mostly from experience I guess. I mean, we are honest here, right? Anyways, on to the topic.

DO! Shave your balls. Why the heck would you want a rain forest between your legs? I just do not understand. If you have a legitimate answer then I wanna hear it! No woman wants to hop on top and ride a prickly corn cob. Shave it dude.

DON’T! Shave patterns. Seriously, why would you even want to take the time to shave a dumb pattern into your pubes. It adds nothing to your nuts and certainly does no attract the ladies. Unless your making a “Happy Trail” I suggest that if you shave it, shave it all. Do not be one of “those” guys.

DO! Shower after your shave. Or you can shave in the shower. Either way, you do not want to shave with an electric shaver and not get all those shavings off you. It is annoying as hell to shave your balls and then walk around all day getting pricked by the random pubic hair floating in your trousers. You are shaving to get rid of it, not to carry  it around.

DON’T! Shave without shaving cream while using a regular razor. Jesus Christ! Who could be so stupid as to shave your friggin baby maker without shaving cream?! Are you trying to cut the damn thing off?! If you do not have any ball shaving cream then regular facial shaving cream will have to do. Just be sure your are careful placing it, otherwise you may get a burning sensation at the tip.

Hopefully this was useful for some of you. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to read our article on how to shave your balls.



Best Electric Shaver For Balls

By far the most convenient way to shave your balls is using a electric shaver. After reading this brief article, you will know the best electric shaver for balls and why you should use it! There is literally a million different electric shavers to choose from so it can be difficult to find a decent one. The thing with electric shavers are if you buy a cheap one then it one be comfortable to use and the shave is gonna such, which is just a waste of time. Fortunately, several companies make electric shavers that are perfect for shaving your face AND your balls. SAY WHAT?! Oh yea, I said it! Braun makes an electric shaver, the Braun Series 7 – 790cc, which has a clean & renew system. electric-shaverThis clean & renew system is basically a charging port that sanitizes the shaver at the same time. It uses an alcohol based solution which kills 99,99% of germs. So obviously you can shave your balls, sanitize no problem, and then go ahead and shave your face. The clean & renew system of the Braun electric shaver also leaves your shaver with a “Fresh Lemon Scent.”

The Braun Series 7 – 790cc is also packed jam with a ton of other features that really make you feel comfortable about shaving your balls. The Braun is  designed with a system called “Active Lift.” This is basically where the shaver actually lifts each hair to shave it. This is important since your hairy balls have some very weird hair follicles. It also has a hair trimmer for long hair. This mean you can trim your long hair off, and then shave it to totally remove it. There is no way you would ever want to try and just use the shaver part with pubes the size of Rapunzel’s unibrow.

amazon_buynow-orange-300x125Another great feature of this Braun is its pulsonic technology. The shaver delivers around 10,000 vibrations through every minute which allows you to cut more hair with every “Stroke.”  Yes, pun intended.

So hopefully I have convinced you enough that this is by far the best electric shaver for shaving balls. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking the picture above.


Shaving Cream For Your Balls

If you are brave enough to try shaving your balls with a regular razor than you are in luck! Max shaving products have released their newest shaving cream for your balls dubbed Max 4 Men Balls and All Shave Cream. It is designed specifically for male’s sensitive areas. shaving-cream-for-balls

If you have ever shaven your balls with a regular razor than you know annoying those razor bump rashes are. This cream is great! It has an additive which soften hair and skin. This additive allows you to achieve a nice smooth shave, free of any razor bumps and rashes.

If you are lacking in the man department, then no worriesamazon_buynow-orange-300x125. This awesome shaving cream even has pheromone infused in it. For those of you who do not know, pheromone is a sex attractant which  triggers a sexual response in humans! This means not only can you shave your balls to make your shaft look bigger, but you can make them smell great and attract the ladies while doing so.

At less than $20 there is no reason that you should not pick this shaving calls cream. It is worth every penny if you prefer to shave your balls with a regular razor.